Massages gums for teething puppy

The key to having a puppy that will not chew your furniture, shoes, etc., is to provide lots of toys, especially ones that can massage the gums and help during the teething process. I ordered the Non-Toxic Strong Tooth Cleaning Dog Toy Ball by Lifewit to add to our dog toy collection.

My puppy at 8 months is already 90 lbs. The ball is made of a soft rubbery material that is non toxic. It has numbs throughout the outer core which is great for massaging his gums. Inside the nub rubbery ball is another ball. There is room to insert a dog treat if so desired which of course my puppy loves. I also like to put this in the freezer as my dog loves chewing on this when it’s cold. So far this teething toy has held up very well and my dog has not destroyed it as of yet. If you’d like more information on this product, you can find it here. Disclaimer: I received this product at no cost. I was not obligated to share my thoughts but wanted to as I am very pleased with it.


Phone Stand

The Samsung Stand is a phone holder by UKCOCO. It can also be used as a portable cell phone holder and folding desktop stand. I’m not sure why it’s called as Samsung Stand as it can be used pretty much on any time/brand of cell phone.

I ordered this as whether I’m at home or work, I like my cell phone to be upright so I can see who is calling as well as having it viewable if I am accessing a site while working or cooking in the kitchen. The unit arrived and it was a lot smaller than expected. It is constructed of a somewhat bendable plastic with an adjustable strip that allows you to adjust the incline. The biggest downside for me is that you have to adhere it to the back of your phone or case for it to work. I personally do not like anything stuck permanently on my actually phone but it is thin, it’s not really an issue. Also since the stand stick to your phone, you are limited to only being able to use it for that one particular phone. This works good for people on the go that are out often and use their phones a lot. A decent product for the price offered as it’s quick and easy to use. If you would like more information on this product, you can find it here

I was fortunate to receive this product at no cost and decided to share my thoughts.

World Travelers Map

I ordered the Scratch Travel Map for a family member who recently got married and they love to travel. The map is a wall map and makes for a perfect conversation piece when you have guests over. The map includes all the different countries. Included with the map are 8 sheets of stickers for a total of 229 stickers so you can remember your travels. Some of the sayings on the stickers are “favorite place” “Wanna Go” “Lived Here.” Besides sayings, there are also picture stickers such as a hot air balloon, palm tree, stars, hearts and more.

The way the map works, is that you scratch off the places you’ve been too. A little coin is also included. The quality of the paper is very good and durable and the clarity is great. The only problem is that, take for instance, the United States. The map has the outline of the United States but each state is not outlined. So if you want to scratch off just one state, it’s very hard to pinpoint that exact location. Yes, most of us have a good idea but my worry is that you scratch off a bit of a neighboring state that you didn’t intend to scratch off. If this map outline each state, I would give this a 5 star for sure. This map is also wondering learning tool for people of all ages and is great at refreshing our memory of where countries are located. For that purpose, this map is excellent! If you would like more information on this map, you can find it here.  Disclaimer: I was given this map at no charge. I was not asked or required to leave my feedback or thoughts.


Poop Bags For Dogs By GreenGuru

Strong and durable………..

In our state, picking up your dog’s poop is not only the right thing to do for sanitary reason, but it’s also the law. I ordered the Poop Bags For Dogs By GreenGuru. What I like about these is that they are just a little bigger than the standard ones. I have a very large dog and we all know what that means (bigger poops)! These bags will last me close to a year as there are a total of 900 bags. The order consisted of 6 boxes. Each box contained 10 rolls of bags. The rolls can fit in your little holder if you have one that attaches to your leash. Mine broke so what I do is tie a couple of bags on the handle of my leash. Then they are always there when I need one. The quality of the bag is very good as I have had no issues with them tearing or ripping. The bags also have a light coconut scent. I love that as even though we tie our poop bags off and put them in the trash can, they still smell. The scent helps just a little to deter the odor of the dog waste. Yes, you can still smell them but that’s to be expected. I also like ordering in bulk so I never have to worry about running out. Now I have rolls everywhere so I never got caught without a bag. Slip a roll in your purse, pocket, car etc… You can learn more about these poop bags here
Disclaimer: I was fortunately enough to receive these bags complimentary. I was so thrilled, I wanted to share my thoughts on this product with others.

Bath Tub Thermometer – TurtleMeter

Love it……..

Bath time can be fun but it also can be dangerous. I ordered the Ozeri Turtlemeter The Baby Bath Floating Turtle Toy and Bath Tub Thermometer for my grand babies. Studies I’ve read suggest the best temperature for bathing babies is about 100 degrees. The TurtleMeter basically has three color settings and is so easy to use. There isn’t even an on/off button. Simple fill your sink or tub with water, gentle set the turtle in the water and it turns on automatically. Watch as the temperature display starts reading the water’s temperature. The color will change depending on how hot or cold the water is. Give it a couple of minute. If the water is too cold, the color will be blue on the top of the turtles shell. If it’s just right (between 95-102.2) it will go green. If it’s too hot (more than 102.2) the color will change to red.

Before I performed a water test, I read the directions. This seller gets an A+ for directions. They are simple and clearly understandable. This product is not intended for extremely hot/burning temperatures so when I did my test, I did remove the turtle as the water was hotter than even I knew it should be and I didn’t want to ruin or destroy the turtle. I used a digital thermometer to test as well. As you can see, my digital thermometer read 106.3 degrees. I actually pulled the turtle at 103.1. The color did change to red so that tells you it is too hot.

This thermometer runs on 3 AAA batteries which were not only included but already installed. Because this unit sits in the water, you will need a tiny phillips head screwdriver to remove the bottom plate and change the batteries when and if needed. It is recommended to remove the turtle when finished bathing to prolong both the product and the batteries. Once removed from water, it will off automatically. I find this to be a great feature.

If you are interested in learning more about the TurtleMeter by Ozeri, including ordering and pricing information here   Disclaimer: I was thrilled to receive this product at no charge and because I feel it works so well, I wanted to share my thoughts.

No more disposable water bottles!

Yes it is………

I enjoy the taste of our tap water and really hate spending money on bottled water. Unfortunately since my husband needs fluids during the day, I find myself buying them to put in with his packed lunch. I ordered the Hydronk Ultimate Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle hoping this would replace the need for disposable water bottles – and it does! There is nothing fancy to this bottle which is fine. It is black in color and double insulated. It can be used for both hot and cold beverages. The bottle holds 17 oz of fluids. The top screws securely on the bottle and there is no leakage. Also there is no sweating so no worries about paperwork getting wet or tables getting ruined. This bottle has a wide neck and the ice in my ice maker fits perfectly.

I did a test whereas I filled the bottle with ice and then I filled it with water. 20 hours later, there was still a few small pieces of ice in the bottle and the water was cold. This works great and is all that I had hoped it would be. If you are interested in finding more information including pricing, you can find the product here . Disclaimer: I was lucky enough to receive this product at no charge. I was so thrilled with it, I wanted to share my thoughts with others.

Dog Bones – All Natural Healthy 100% Buffalo Shine Bone Treats for Aggressive Chewers


I have a very large puppy who at 7 months weighs in at 75 lbs. I ordered Lilly’s 100% Buffalo Bone as he is a heavy chewer and these bones are designed for such. This order came in a pack of 2 bones. The bones were double wrapped which was very much appreciated so my dog could not smell them before I decided to give it to him. These bones are all natural and are great in keeping my pups teeth and gums clean.

Extremely strong
No smell at all!
Keeps my dog entertained for hours
All natural
Lasts for a very long time


I normally buy hoofs for my dog on occasions when I need him to be good (company coming or if Ill be gone or a while and he’s home alone). The problem with hoofs is that they smell so bad that the whole house smells. I was probably just as excited as my dog. Me because they don’t smell at all and my pup as they are his all time favorite treat/chew toy/activity. These bones have a little hollow area in the center so if you wanted to fill them with peanut butter or something, you could. I personally prefer them just the way they are so there is no mess. Excellent product and I’m so thrilled with them. My only disappointment is when I went to order more (for my 5 grand puppies) they were out of stock. I’m assuming that’s because they are so popular.

If you’d like to read more about these,  you can find info here:

Disclaimer: I received a promotional discount on this product in exchange for having my dog try them out and then proving my honest feedback.

Large Multipurpose Poster & Art Storage Bag

My husband works in construction and reads plans of buildings and offices on job sites all day. The plans are large and are used day in and day out. These plans are also very expensive and many times he has to order new sets as they get worn laying around the construction site. I saw the Anbit Accessories Large Multipurpose Poster & Art Storage Bag and thought it would help protect the most important drawings. The bag arrived and is actually better than expected. It’s not often I can say that especially when ordering online.

The bag measures 32″ x 24″. It has nice black handles which makes carrying much easier than rolling the plans up. Their is a nice zipper to keep everything securely inside. The bag itself is a silvery white in color and is constructed of a waterproof PVC mesh. While we are using these for construction drawings, it can be used to protect art drawings, school projects using pasteboard and many other things. Excellent product, excellent quality and I am super pleased.  If you are interested in this product, you can find it here  Disclaimer: I received this product for free. My decision to review was my own as well as my opinion.

Disposable Plastic Portion Cups

I ordered the Crystalware Disposable Plastic Portion Cups. We are a family on the go. The kids take their lunch to school and we pack our lunch for work. This saves a ton on take out food. I used to work in a restaurant and these portion cups are exactly what we used. They are great for salad dressings and condiments (mayo, mustard, pickles, etc). The worst part of packing lunches is food is often soggy when you finally go to eat. Now with these cups, the kids can put their mayo and mustard on their sandwiches right before they eat and I can now bring salads to work since I had something to put dressing it. The containers came in a set of 100 cups and 100 lids.


The cups are black and the lids are clear. I love the clear lids so I can pre-pack things and it’s easy to see what’s in each one without having to open the lid. The containers are 3.25 ounces in size and are made of plastic. The lids snap nicely in place, they stay secure and if tipped upside down, there is no leakage. These can be used for so may things including arts and crafts. Work well and you can even re-use this. If you’re interested in these portion cups, you can find them here: on amazon     Disclaimer: I received this product for free. They work so well, I wanted to share my thoughts.

I Love to Review!

I love sharing my thoughts on different products especially those I order online. Many times when we shop online, the products we receive may not be what we were expecting. Other times, they exceed our expectations. While online shopping is so convenient, not being able to actually see and touch/feel the products we order can make our choices more difficult. And the thought of the whole return process sometimes holds us back as we often wonder if it’s worth taking the risk of whether or not the product will work with our intended need, fit, etc.

The products shown here are items I have ordered online. The feedback provides my honest thoughts on how these products stand up to the way they are portrayed, and if they are as described. I hope this helps you decide if some of these items may be of interest to you.